Well thought concepts
and slick implementation.

Well thought concepts
and slick implementation.

IT system integration

  • Macintosh: OS 6 to OS 10.14
  • Microsoft: DOS 2.1 to Windows 10
  • Linux
  • Prefered brands: Macintosh, PrimeComputer, Lenovo, HP, Canon, ZyXEL, Microsoft, FileMaker, Synology, Samsung, Panasonic, LMP

IT Expertise

  • Analyses of SMB processes and their transformation into existing or tailor made FileMaker database
  • IT forensics
  • IT security
  • Measurements against cyberstalking

Natural science

  • Contentual and lingual interfacing between natural science, technology and ecology
  • Projectmanagement in ecology, biotechnology, process engineering and food microbiology

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