Hints and tricks.

Hints and tricks.

Gold Hints

  • Be smart! Restart!
  • Do not deplay WLAN in a commercial environment. Instead chose cabled network with Cat 5E oder Cat 6.
  • Do not fiddle on smoothly running system, software or hardware
  • Do not assume newer as better
  • Do not implement systems, software or hardware from the very first version (or generation)
  • Do not buy second hand laptops or mobile devices. They tend to have a sinistre and violent past
  • Do buy your Computer equipped with a SSD (solid state disk). Your life is to short to spend it waiting to your PC
  • Do insert as much RAM as you can afford
  • Do not buy a “no name” product without support nor documentation
  • Do buy warranty extension with costly hardware
  • Do implement the same brand in your enterprise and home. Having the same hardware at hand halves needed time to troubleshoot


  • Never use the same password. Have a written list.
  • Your data is yours. Your data defines you and your loved ones. Lie, betray and misinform therefore whilst creating public profiles.
  • Share your passwords with a trust worthy person
  • Do a virus scan locally on your Computer, and at your mail provider
  • We have good experience with Avira virus scanner
  • Truly effective spam control must be done by a specialized provider
  • Energeysaving, screen protection and sleep mode does not pay off in a network environme.t
  • Know your virus scan and firewall
  • Buy periphal hardware with Ethernet
  • Do backups of your data, bookmarks, e-mails, spellchecker, smart devices
  • Do backpup of your full system. 1 TB (= 1’000 GB) harddisk space costs only 40 CHF
  • Know your critical system components. Have a spare ready for the moment of failure and rehearse what to do


  • Do not deploy ADSL on an old ISDN TA (without RJ45 sockets)
  • Check ADSL for at least 7db downstream noise margin, and max 32db downstream attenuation
  • If you need internet access redundancy combine technologies (Fibre, Cable, DSL, GSM)
  • Choose fibre or cable for the best possible stability
  • You have to test dLan and wLan in site since the marketed performance is not found in reality
  • If you opt for a multi function printer (printer/scanner/fax) choose a one out of the professional line. The cheaper ones are riddled with unnecessary software.
  • Having the choice of cable, fibre, ADSL, VDSL or SDSL you have most punch for money with fibre

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